MPU has been built by parents, for parents.

Massachusetts Parents United started as three parents meeting in a public library around one big idea. We believe parents have more to add to the conversation about our children than simply planning the next bake sale. Now with the active engagement of over 7,000 members, MPU has become the largest urban parent advocacy organization in the Commonwealth and we are growing stronger every day. MPU reaches over 150,000 families across the Commonwealth every month through our MPU Live meetings, and we have empowered thousands of parents to become powerful voices on the issues that affect their families, including safe neighborhoods, affordable housing, food security, and high quality education.


Keri Rodrigues, Mom-in-Chief

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Keri Rodrigues is the founding president and Mom-in-Chief of Massachusetts Parents United. Keri received her GED from Boston Public Schools. Keri’s interest in advocacy developed early in her career as a political journalist and radio broadcaster and was then amplified through her work as a labor activist organizing the highly recognized labor union, 1199SEIU. After personally struggling with the educational system of her own children, Keri shifted gears and began focusing on educational reforms to help parents find their voice at the policy-making table so they can improve the lives of their families. Keri’s energy and enthusiasm for advocacy work is a core component in the success of MPU.

Tim Langan, Chief of Staff

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Kim Rivera, Western Massachusetts Director of Community Engagement

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Kim Rivera, Director of Community Engagement has a strong reputation as a leading grassroots organizer in Western Massachusetts. Kim’s deep connection to the community stems from her personal life experiences of being homeless to becoming a home owner. Kim broke the cycle of poverty and now works tirelessly to ensure that others can access the resources they need to take control of their lives. Kim serves on countless committees and coalitions including acting as the civilian coordinator for the Springfield Police Unit and being a member of the Dress for Success Program. Kim’s long history as an advocate and strategic partner in countless community organizations has been an asset to MPU.

Rodolfo Aguilar, Parent Organizer

Rodolfo Aguilar is a parent organizer for MPU as well as an advocate for school reform in the Boston Public Schools, the school system that he attended as a child after migrating to the United States. As an advocate, Rodolfo offers his experiences as a student of the Boston Public Schools and voices his concerns about the lack of changes in practices that are detrimental to positive student outcomes. Along with being an education reformer, Rodolfo volunteers in youth soccer leagues and serves as the executive producer and host of a television show titled “Concepto” at which airs on Saturdays at 3pm on the public access channel. Rodolfo’s passion for parent organizing is a key component to assisting MPU in helping families across Massachusetts.

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Andy Stern - Honorary Senior Advisor

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Andy Stern is the former president of the 2.2 million member Service Employees International Union (SEIU). He is now President Emeritus of SEIU, which grew by more than 1.2 million workers during his tenure. Called a “courageous, visionary leader who charted a bold new course for American unionism,” Stern has been featured on 60 Minutes and CNN,as Fox News Power Player of the Week and on the covers of the New York Times Magazine, Fortune, and Businessweek. Stern was a senior fellow at Columbia University, and is now a Senior Fellow at the Economic Security Project. He was a Presidential appointee on the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, best known as Simpson-Bowles.

He is Chair of the Board of the Broad Center, and a Board Member of the Open Society Foundations, and the Hillman Foundation. In March, 2010, Stern was the Alice B. Grant Labor Leader in Residence at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations. He is the author of two books, A Country That Works (2006), and Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream (2016).


Since our launch, we have welcomed the support from donors, big and small, as well as foundations who believe in our mission including:

Massachusetts Parents United is an official 501(c)(3) organization and we are featured on the Boston Foundation's Giving Common where folks can donate directly!

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Keri Rodrigues, Mom-in-Chief

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