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The National Parents Union 
Homeschool Pod/MicroSchool Accelerator Grant Program for Parents and Families


Proposals will be accepted to the National Parents Union until midnight, Saturday October 31st to

Grant approval decisions will be released during the National Parents Union Clap Back on Thursday, November 5th at 8pm EST.

Register here to participate.

To be considered for an NPU grant, please submit a 1-2 page proposal detailing your plan.

Grants will be awarded to parents, families, parent-led parent advocacy organizations and community organizations serving parents and families in amounts ranging from $100 - $25,000 based on proposal. 

Families and organizations do not need to have an individual 501c3 to apply for funding. 


Here is a list of criteria that must be addressed in your proposal:

  • Your plan must be leveraged for learning and sharing with others.

  • Your plan must address a clear need and can create positive impact during the COVID-19 pandemic and be deployed via rapid response in the fall.

  • Your plan must be parent driven and innovations should not solely rely on the traditional public K-12 system and associated funding to be successful.

  • Your plan must support low income, communities of color or under resourced families and students who are typically underserved by the traditional education system.

  • You must explain the demonstrated financial need of the families served.

  • You must explain your own personal demonstrated financial need to complete the project.


Please include the following information with your proposal, so that we may reach out to you with any questions:

  • Main Contact & Title (if applicable)

  • Primary Phone # and Email Address

  • Primary Address

  • Applicable 501c3 credentials (not required)

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